Why You Should invest in a Vehicle Wrap

Since the early 1900’s companies like Hershey’s have understood the value behind putting their mark on their vehicles. Understanding that building brand awareness was crucial for their growth, sign painters found a market for helping companies advertise. As time went on and the means of producing printed digital media increased, more effective and efficient ways were created to apply designs or branded material on vehicles. What used to require higher costs and longer time periods with painting could now be printed on vinyl cheaper and faster and allow more accuracy/ consistency in production. In today’s world, we see companies advertising on vehicles as the norm and as the prices are becoming more reasonable, the demand for advertising with vehicle wraps has skyrocketed.

Great Advertising

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle is one of the highest cost-per-impression forms of advertising for your business or brand. If you stop for a second and think about how many vehicles that you pass each day while driving, or how many people drive by where you park your vehicle, you would quickly lose track. Think about how many people or potential customers would be exposed to your business if you had your branding on the side of your vehicle. Vinyl wraps turn your standard vehicle into a constantly moving billboard and help to spread brand awareness wherever you go, it’s always working to build your brand.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Vinyl wraps give you the full freedom to express yourself or your business and help differentiate you and express what makes you unique. No matter if your style is old school or modern, vibrant or sophisticated, or something totally unique, vinyl wraps convey that message to the masses and separate you from all the rest.

Cheaper Than Paint

If you’ve ever been in the market for getting your vehicle painted, you know it can come with a hefty price tag and a certain amount of time that is required to complete the process the right way. Some people are busy and just don’t have the time or means of getting their vehicle painted. With vinyl wraps, you can completely transform the color of your vehicle with a full color change wrap for a fraction of the cost of paint, in a fraction of the time to install it with the opportunity to remove it when desired. If you want an intricate design that would require a longer time frame and a larger bill, consider having the design printed on vinyl and applied to your vehicle instead, saving thousands of dollars and sometimes more importantly, your time.

Easy to Remove

Using high quality removable vinyl comes with some major benefits. One of the perks of using high quality materials is being able to easily remove the vinyl wrap or decals after 5-7 years of being on the vehicle without damaging the paint underneath or leaving behind the old adhesive on the surface. Full wraps can be removed in hours compared to the days that it could take to paint your vehicle or remove cheap sign vinyl that isn’t meant for long term vehicle use.

Protects Your Paint

The beautiful thing about adding a layer of vinyl over your paint is that you are adding an extra layer of protection wherever the vinyl is covering. Have you ever looked at your paint and noticed little scuffs or chips where small rocks or debris created an imperfection? With vinyl, those imperfections would affect the wrap and, in most cases, protect the paint underneath from the small imperfections. This allows you to keep your paint job looking like new for a longer period and can even help your vehicle retain a higher trade-in value down the road.

Longevity/ Return on Investment

Properly vinyl wrapping your vehicle and using high quality materials will set you up for a vinyl wrap that with proper care, stands the test of time. Most higher quality vinyl materials have 5-7-year warranties for removability and longevity with UV protection. What this means for you is that you will receive a return on the investment for the wrap. Let’s explore an example. If you are a business that is advertising with a vinyl wrap and for the sake of this example say you invest $3,000 into your vehicle to be fully wrapped, and you offer services at a rate of $500. It would only take attracting 6 new clients to break even where the wrap pays for itself. Any additional customers that you attract will lead to a positive ROI on the wrap.