How to Keep Your Vehicle Paint Looking New

If you have a nice paint job and you want to keep it looking that way, here are 7 tips that will help keep your paint in good condition and keep it looking new.

Avoid Commercial Car Washes

If you’re like most people, you’ve had at least one bad experience at a commercial car wash. The sponges at many car washes come in contact with your vehicles paint. These sponges are not always replaced daily and can have dirt and debris from other vehicles that can scratch your vehicles paint. The more aggressive sponges are known to create scrapes and clouds in the paint that could be avoided by hand washing.

Hand Wash Regularly

The cleaner you keep your vehicle, the longer the paint will look like new. By properly hand washing your vehicle on a regular basis you will be giving more attention to detail and notice any imperfections in the paint that can be touched up before causing any damage. By ridding the vehicle often of any dirt, dust, or debris, you are enabling longevity in the OEM or custom paint job.

Use Chamois Cloths to Dry Your Vehicle

If you’ve ever let your vehicle air dry after a stop at the car wash, you’ve probably noticed water spots on it shortly after it dries. By not using chamois cloths to dry your vehicle, you can risk leaving etching. Etching is when water spots are essentially baked into the vehicles paint from being dried by the sun. If not properly taken care of, can cause damage that is permanent. 

Polish and Use Paint Protection Products

Having a paint surface that has clay bar and polish treatments will help repel damage-causing elements like dirt and grime. Most clay bars also embody a hydrophobic quality that will take away the risk of etching and water spots in the surface of the paint. Contaminates and pollutants on the vehicles surface will come off a lot easier with the engineered resin mixture that makes up the clay bars. You can call up your local vehicle detailers or car dealerships and learn more information on the process of getting your vehicle covered.

Be Mindful of Where You Park

We all have seen the person who parks their expensive ride as far back in the parking lot as possible. You may not need to go to that extreme, however, being careful where you park your vehicle can impact the longevity of your paint and create less risk in overall damage to the vehicle. For instance, parking next to the cart holders at the store will make the chances of a cart hitting your vehicle a lot higher than if you are distanced from them. It’s a smart idea to check the surrounding areas of your vehicle for anything that might block the door from opening all the way before getting out. This could save you from having to repair the body or the paint.


Avoid Leaving Vehicle in the Sun

Depending on where you live, the UV radiation from the sun can take a serious toll on your vehicle paint. If you have a vehicle that you leave in one open spot, it’s more than likely exposed to constant UV radiation which causes the resin in the paint to dry out and begin to crack and create a faded look to the exterior. To avoid this from happening, park in garages or designated areas with overhead protection from UV rays. If you don’t have access to garage space, you can rotate the direction of the car intermittently, so the vehicle isn’t always exposed to the UV radiation in the same areas.


Vinyl Wrap/ Paint Protection Film

One helpful tip for keeping paint looking new and adding an extra layer of protection is by applying a clear bra/paint protection kit, or getting a vinyl wrap on your vehicle. When you add the paint protection material you are adding another layer of protection on your vehicle that repels debris and dirt, as well as offers protection from the UV rays. Another way of protecting the paint and giving your vehicle some new life is by installing a vinyl wrap. Higher quality vinyl materials are easily removed with a lifespan of 5-7 years and have the option to be pre-colored or printed on with a custom design. Vinyl wraps look great, are affordable, and most importantly help you keep your paint looking newer, longer.

Matt N